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About Us

Intergenerational East Troy (IGET), i501(c)(3) is a partnership of business, education, and social service professionals committed to enhancing the quality of life for residents of East Troy area. Our mission is to gather community and county services under one roof and to promote meaningful interaction opportunities for residents of all ages. We shape our mission based on feedback from the general community and segmented target market input identifying current gaps and new opportunities.

Vision is for Tri-Troy to be recognized as a vibrant, healthy community that is a desirable place to live through all stages of life. To that end, we will be pursuing the designation as a “Intergenerational Community of Distinction” by Generations United. Intergenerational care is a growing trend that is proving to strengthen the fabric of our society — especially in areas like ours.

Delivering value through ...

Community center.  A comfortable and safe space for people to gather, connect to their community resources and engage in programs and activities with residents of all ages that promote family, community, and  intergenerational interactions. The Center serves as a hub for local coordination of community and government services, career resources and counseling.

Remote outreach programs. Extend services and activities to those that are isolated, ill, non-mobile or unable to participate at the center for any reason.

Community service. Collaborate with other fraternal, religious and business’s with “all community” service efforts.