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East Troy Area


Community Center



The community center was a grass roots concept in 2017 when Kiwanis members Tony and Theresa Barrett proposed a legacy project that would meet present and future needs in the community.  Community research identified three needs – additional senior living space, a new library, and a community center.

UGET (United Greater East Troy) steering committee was formed to lead the project.  After additional research, on-site visits and lengthy discussions with area groups, UGET sought to combine the three needs into one facility.  Further research indicated that both the library and senior housing components would have long timelines due to government requirements and the significant funding that would be required. 

A subcommittee of UGET became interested in a standalone community center that would specifically focus on social services and intergenerational activities. Unused space was leased from the school district, IGET (Intergenerational East Troy) attained a 501c designation and a new community center was opened in 2019.